Eddie is in the studio writing and recording a new CD for release soon. In the meantime, check out his previous releases here.
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Firing Up the Bass

Firing Up the Bass consists of melodic bass leads accompanied by underlining bass grooves creating a subtle but funky over all feel, great for dancing, or just for listening and grooving along.


All Basses Covered Pt.2

If you love Old School Funk and lots of Bass, this is the CD you need in your funk collection. Even the smooth groove tracks on this CD are funk oriented. A great balance of Raw, yet smooth flowing compositions.


Embracing the Basix

Old School R&B grooves with a Smooth Jazz Flavor.


All Basses Covered

'All Basses Covered' is a blend of 'old school' and 'new technology' brought together in an attempt to create a solid flow of Funky but Rhythmic grooves.